Cindy's Bio

Since the age of twelve Cindy had a sense of compassion for hurting children. When others felt anger and frustration resulting from “bad behavior” in children, she felt a combined sense of sadness and compassion, resulting in a deep desire help facilitate change for those who are hurting.

A very specific passion since childhood was “Princess”, Cindy’s beloved pony, with whom she spent many delightful summer hours, riding and grooming and playing. It was during this time that her love for horses began to blossom.

As an adult, Cindy has combined her compassion for children and love for horses into developing an equine therapy program. Here she works with children and their families to build healthy and thriving relationships. She combines her knowledge of horses with an understanding of children from hard places, by utilizing activities for each specific family situation. These fun activities, pared with her loving manner, allow her to effectively teach and mentor her clients.

In addition to her credentials as a successful homemaker and mother of four, she has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development from Hesston College. Her past experience includes Program Director for Time Out Children’s Ministry, Children & Youth “Aerobicise” Instructor, 4-H Horse & Pony Club leader, and a lesson instructor and manager of their family owned and operated riding facility, Little Springs Farm.

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