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Recreational Therapy

Cindy Martin, owner and manager of Little Springs Farm, directs a recreational therapy program geared particularly for children and families experiencing stress resulting from past trauma related to abuse, adoption issues, foster family placements, depression, and other related traumatic experiences.

Using horses, Cindy’s program seeks to improve a child’s self-esteem, create positive family interactions, facilitate bonding and family attachments with adoptive parents or primary care givers, and improve the child’s ability to self-regulate emotion.

In addition, the equine program helps with physical improvements such as balance, coordination, muscle tone, and brain function which encourages the ability to activate both sides of the brain simultaneously.

As stated by past clients, Cindy’s love of children coupled with her empathetic spirit, results in a passion to see all children overcome past experiences and succeed in life, starting with healthy family relationships. Click here for Cindy’s Bio.

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